We have built an incredible community around Zwift. Let’s think bigger.

How much of the reason you ride on Zwift is due to the Zwift platform itself, and how much is due to the incredible ecosystem we the community have voluntarily created around it? Web3 is basically the radical notion that value can and should be shared with creators.

Before we supertuck for a descent into the world of web3, let me be clear that I am a devout Zwift subscriber, advocate and participant. I even made my own YouTube channel to help the community get more enjoyment out of their Zwift racing. I love the Zwift product and want to see the business prosper.

That said…

Think about all of the club leaders, team managers, ride leaders, race directors, report writers, meetup organisers, chat group comedians, website founders/contributors, YouTube gurus, podcasters, streamers and race commentators that contribute to and enhance your experience on Zwift. They are all creators in their own way, adding layer upon layer of value to our cycling lives, and Zwift is simply the platform they have chosen to build on.

Sure, some of these creators receive some financial support, but ultimately it’s Zwift, Facebook and YouTube that monetize the vast majority of that value. Wouldn’t you rather see the creators behind things like Zwift Insider, WTRL and Zwift Community Live, along with the leaders driving your own Zwift teams and clubs, capture the full benefits of what they bring to the community?

The tools to flip this narrative on its head and bootstrap our very own cycling community economy exist today, and are readily accessible through things you’re probably using all the time like your web browser and Discord. They may be built on some concepts that sound new or scary, like blockchains, cryptocurrencies, social tokens and NFTs, but once you start to explore what these technologies enable it will upend everything you thought you knew about how we interact, build communities, and create and capture value online.

I’ve created web3 cycling club to help you bridge over to this new frontier of the internet simply by doing fun stuff with bikes.

I assure you this is a no drop ride. You know everything you need to know to get started; that you love being a part of the world of cycling, that this community creates incredible value, and that that value should be shared with those who create it.

It starts by doing all the things you’re already doing — chatting, analysing, encouraging, brainstorming, organising, writing, riding and racing. To help you learn the basics of web3, and continue down the rabbit hole if you’re interested, I’ll be launching a series of virtual ‘tours’ and shorter ‘classics’ of educational content that you can enjoy while you ride indoors or out. Match each ‘stage’ of content up with a ride of at least the equivalent length and you’ll be rewarded with what is probably your first NFT — a virtual finishers jersey linked to your online profile that forever proves you were an early adopter (this might become important if this thing takes off).

Together we can build something that the global cycling community can see the value in and want to be a part of. The mechanics of social tokens allow us to capture that value and reinvest it into the people — our friends and the creators whose content we enjoy so much — who deserve it. Along the way, you’ll get a glimpse at the future of our online lives and the things made possible by a decentralised internet.

I hope you’re curious to find out more. It’s free, inclusive, and all accessible in our Discord channel, where we’ll announce details of the virtual tours and classics where you can learn more about the basics, when they become available — https://discord.gg/NMDNuvD4JM. For simplicity, you can also find the relevant links on web3cc.com or @web3cc on Twitter.

Tell your friends, and ride on!




Let your passion for bikes lead you to the future of communities, creators and commerce on the decentralised web. This is a no drop ride.

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web3 cycling club

web3 cycling club

Let your passion for bikes lead you to the future of communities, creators and commerce on the decentralised web. This is a no drop ride.

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